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Where do you live?

By Heather Dale Director of Health Service & Faculty/Administrator in Residence for the Sophomore Experience At the time of year when all students are thinking about is  “Where am I going to live next year?” and “Can I live off-campus?”, I wondered to myself…Why is everyone in a rush to move out of the dorms? […]

Being Okay with Being Okay

By Kyle Haiman “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” – G.K. Chesterton This quote seems to go against much of what we strive for and hold in esteem today. Shouldn’t we always be giving 110% to everything we do? Isn’t this just a quote to justify poor effort? Yes, we […]

What Story Does Your Office Tell?

By Brittany Salsman If you’re like me, when you have a new friend visit your home, you go into a fury of cleaning, straightening, putting away, and cleaning again to make sure you leave a positive impression.  I make sure that I have food and drink options in case they haven’t eaten or are thirsty […]

Student Life Reading List

In the spirit of sharing resources, a reading list has been created for the Student Life Division. Check out what your colleagues are reading or have read and found valuable in their own professional development. The list is public and can be edited by anyone who clicks on the link! Please feel free to share […]

New Beginnings

By JoNes VanHecke It might seem odd to talk about “new beginnings” in the cold, dark days of February when winter seems to hold us tightly in her freezing grasp but a new beginning is exactly where we find ourselves just now on the hill.  New beginnings are all around us – we’ve barely cracked […]

The Student Life Blog

By Charlie Potts Welcome to the Gustavus Student Life Division blog! The professional development committee is excited to introduce another way to stay connected and share thoughts about the important work we do. The blog will be used as a way for professionals in our division to share knowledge and we hope everyone will participate […]